New Day Camp

“Real transformation happens at camp. You may not always see it in the week, but year after year watching the same campers grow up, you see it. God transforms their lives over time in a way that can’t be replicated anywhere else. New Day Camp is a special thing at a special place.”

Paul Bussert

New Day Camp volunteer

Each summer New Day Camp welcomes children (who have an incarcerated parent) to Lake Texoma to ride boats, take swimming lessons from an Olympic swim coach, bike, fish and so much more. We are happy to have 6 adult volunteers who attended the camp as campers to come back as adults to mentor those who are growing up with the obstacles they did. All of them will tell you that New Day Camp and CJAMM helped them become who they are today.

New Day Camp is for children who have at least one incarcerated parent. These children are the forgotten victims of crime and we help them experience a New Day.


Children are divided into small groups for curriculum study and other activities. Each group has its own set of adult leaders. Curriculum is designed to address the special needs of this group of youngsters. We also have share groups where children can process together their hopes, dreams and difficulties that might impact them.

The Store
Many of the children we serve come unprepared for camp. Some have clothes and shoes too small to wear or just worn out. To help with their confidence, a child is invited to receive items from a room of donated items.

Focus Groups
Small groups spend time with a counselor. They are given permission to speak freely about what it means to be a child of an inmate, and voice their fears in a safe and confidential place.

Many of the children served have medical needs. All medicines are collected from the children and the nurses dispense the medicine.

Children participate in an age appropriate worship. Energetic music, messages that children can understand, scripture readings, and prayer time incorporates the theme for the week.

Waterfront Sports
There are opportunities for a variety of water activities on Lake Texoma, including swimming, water games, canoes, & paddleboats.

Therapeutic Games
Children participate in games designed with the intention of building of teams, teamwork, self-esteem, and confidence.

Arts and Crafts
Craft time allows for creativity to develop.

Small Groups
Campers are placed in small groups that work at developing friendships. Each lesson includes interactive activities engaging the children with scripture and with each other.



Volunteer Requirements/Expectations

We are committed to a ratio of one adult for every two children. Our staff includes licensed social workers and other counseling professional. We also have nurses available 24 hours per day.

Volunteers are expected to:

  • complete a background check
  • Commit to come and stay for the whole camp Friday-Monday for Camp One and Monday-Friday for Camp Two.
  • Commit to one training at either Tulsa on April 18th or Oklahoma City on May 2nd.
  • New Day Camps consists of two separate camps during the summer at Crosspoint Camp and one in the spring at a different University each year.

Interested in being part of New Day Camp?


Contact Kristin Terrell-Wilkes at 405-525-3522, or Lesa Rhoads at


Groups and Individuals can collect items for New Day Camp and raise funds to scholarship kids to camp. Individuals  can drive or be a rider on the van taking kids to camp.  For a wish list or more details please contact Kristin Terrell-Wilkes, by email or calling 405-525-3522.

Funding support

Funding for New Day Camp comes through scholarships from local churches and donations from individuals like you, Sunday school classes and a wide range of other groups. With this funding the continuation of this camp is possible.

Donations for New Day Camp are tax deductible. Make checks payable to: Criminal Justice and Mercy Ministries (CJAMM) and note that the donation is for New Day Camp.

Camp expenses average $250 per camper and covers:

  • Kids attend free
  • Hygiene and sundry items Campgrounds, lifeguards, and ropes course instructors
  • Bedding and towels
  • Undergarments and clothes
  • Swimsuits and shoes
  • Medical supplies or hospital calls
  • Curriculum, supplies, and support staff and much more

Contact Office Administration Secretary via email
Office Hours Monday and Wednesday 10a-2p Tuesday and Thursday 8:30a-12:30p


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