“Breaking the Generational Cycles of Incarceration”

Oklahoma has the highest incarceration rate in the world...

For the last 25 years, CJAMM has been providing some amazing “second chances” for individuals leaving incarceration to become healthy, happy, productive, and contributing members of society.

Just recently, I was able to pick up a gentleman from the Department of Corrections who was joining our family at an Exodus House.  He said, “I need some Jesus!”

We assured him, he’s at the right place to get a good serving of Jesus.

We’ve really got something going on that’s special….blessed from prayers and support from believers across the state.  The New Day Camps touch lives of young people in ways that we don’t always see immediately….but seeds are planted!

 Just recently, we received a matching grant from the Keatley Family Foundation that will match dollar-for-dollar every donation (better known as investments) that comes in for the endowment fund until December 31, 2021.

Thank you for helping provide that forgiving, loving, second chance to families who need for our ministry. Like the Tina’s, Tara’s, Grant’s, Grayling’s, Cathy’s, Bill’s, Stacy’s, and so many others who’ve gotten a second chance at life.

Forever CJAMM,

Keith Dobbs
Executive Director


Matching Endowment Grant

New Day Camp Prayer Circle

New Day Camp

New Day Camp is for children
who have at least one incarcerated parent.
Exodus House Sign Tulsa, OK

Exodus House

Exodus House is a six-month temporary residential project.

Redemption Missions

Redemption mission is a fellowship of prisoners, ex-prisoners, their families, and friends of faith.


Your financial support can make a powerful impact on individuals and families affected by incarceration.

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JOB ANNOUNCEMENT – Exodus House, Tulsa – Site Director/Case Manager

JOB ANNOUNCEMENT – Exodus House, Tulsa – Site Director/Case Manager

Primary responsibility of a Site Director/Case Manager is to maintain an environment that is safe, comfortable and secure for our residents. Manages intake and screening of prospective clients/residents. Interviews prospective clients while still incarcerated. Manages the day-to-day activities for the clients and sponsors.

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Two new board members have been named to the Criminal Justice and Mercy Ministries (CJAMM) board of directors, according to Scott Davis, chairman. “Meredith McGinnis Monaco and Michele Ireland are both highly skilled and accomplished individuals with a genuine passion for criminal justice,” stated Davis.

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Conversation with Pastor Allen and Kristen Harlin and Robin Wertz from Criminal Justice and Mercy Ministries (CJAMM)

Kristen and Robin had planned to speak on May 3rd at UMW Sunday, but that date was postponed, but we wanted to share the important work of CJAMM with you now!

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Oklahoma prisoners struggle to find stable housing after release

Article by Quinton Chandler
from stateimpact.npr.org

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