Exodus House

The Exodus House is a key part of Criminal Justice and Mercy Ministries. Its mission is to offer opportunities for ex-offenders to have a healthy, nurturing, and accountable environment where they may begin their life again. Individuals are accepted into our program while still incarcerated through an application process. We have individualized treatment plans and upon completion of our 6 month program they can take all furniture and household goods to their new residence. While living at Exodus House, residents are responsible for paying their utilities. Rent is not charged but monies are collected each month and deposited into a savings account and returned to them upon leaving or graduating. Exodus Houses currently have a 1.7% recidivism rate over the past 4 years.

Oklahoma City,
Exodus House

In 2019, Exodus House Oklahoma City served 24 residents of which 14 were male and 10 were female. We had 14 weekend visiting children and 6 children living onsite full time. Out of this group, there were 11 graduations and completions along with 8 extensions. The breakdown of ethnicity of the 24 is four American Indians, three Black Americans, fifteen Caucasians and two Hispanics.

(405) 525-2300

Robin Wertz, Site Director

Exodus House

In 2019, Exodus House Tulsa served 11 males and 12 females, out of this group of 23 individuals, all have 2020 graduation dates.  Out of the 23, there were seventeen Caucasians, three American Indians and three Black Americans.  

(918) 382-0905

Michael Thomas, Site Director/Case Manager

Matthew Graham, Facilities Manager

 The Parsonage

The men at The Parsonage have the same requirements as those living in our Exodus Houses.


Resident Families Receive: Housing in a one or two bedroom apartment, fully furnished and decorated. The apartment is stocked with food until the resident is employed and income is generated. The family receives clothing for employment, school, etc. Upon completion of the program, the family will be provided furniture and items necessary to start a positive future.

Household items and supplies in good condition for residents starting anew are needed. This can include:

  • furniture
  • kitchen equipment
  • bedding
  • curtains
  • lamps
  • clocks
  • towels
  • cleaning supplies
  • food, and anything else that someone would need in a new home.


Each Exodus House has two staff members, a case manager and a facility manager, who live on site. The facility manager sees that the apartments and grounds are fully maintained.The on site case manager helps residents to get their lives restarted. One area of focus for Exodus House is reunification of families. Resident and case manager work together with the court system and Department of Human Services for the return of custody of resident’s children when possible. Family support continues with parenting classes, anger management classes, and counseling when needed.

Exodus House Applications

Anyone interested in living as part of the Exodus House community must submit the application. Applications are accepted for current vacancies. We maintain a waiting list. At the time of your acceptance into Exodus House, your name will be added to the waiting list.

Care & Services

Each family that enters the Exodus House program receives individualized care and services. Through careful assessments and screening each resident develops with the on site case manager a plan for success and meeting their individual needs.

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