Our Team

Keith Dobbs

Executive Director
405-525-3522 | keith@cjamm.org

Almost four years ago, Keith began as the Executive Director for CJAMM.  As a native Okie from eastern Oklahoma (Sequoyah County), he connects with his roots by operating Buffalo Feathers Farm, a gentleman’s farm with a horse, donkey, sheep, goats, chickens, guineas, ducks, and turkeys.  Professionally, Keith has served as CEO for a medical center on a California Indian Reservation, Vice President of Marketing for a group of 4,000 physicians across New York City, and various healthcare leadership roles in Los Angeles, Pacific Northwest, Dallas, and Nashville.

Lesa Rhoads

Assistant Director, Administration
405-525-3522 | lesa@cjamm.org

In February, Lesa is celebrating 25 years with CJAMM.  She currently serves as CJAMM’s Assistant Director for Administration.  While working for CJAMM, she earned a degree in accounting.  As an avid Thunder fan, she has season tickets and has taught her grandchildren to know all the players and their stats.  Lesa is active in her church in Tuttle, loves to travel, and is a frequent guest at Bed and Breakfasts and exploring Jamaica.  

Anne Robertson

Assistant Director, Development & Operations
405-525-3522 | anne@cjamm.org

Anne has earned the distinction of going to New Day Camp the most times….first as a camper, then as a Leader in Training, a Camp Dean, and now she’s the camp director.  Anne joined the CJAMM team in December 2023 as Assistant Director Development and Operations.  This position goes hand-in-hand with her bachelor’s degree she’s completing from the University of Oklahoma in nonprofit management.  Anne brings a real connection of leadership to the grass roots of the ministry.

Robin Wertz

Exodus House OKC, Site Director
405-525-2300 | exodushouseokc@cjamm.org

As a graduate of Exodus House Oklahoma City, Robin has served for the last 14 years as the Site Director/Case Manager for the program in OKC.  She earned her PRSS (Peer Recovery Support Specialist) certification in 2009 and is active in coaching individuals along in their addiction journey.  She has four grandchildren who make her laugh.   Robin doesn’t have any spare time but if she did, she’d enjoy combing the Hawaiian beaches for sand dollars, making gluten-free donuts, hang-gliding, and writing suspense novels.

Scott Davis

Chair of CJAMM’s Board of Directors

As chair of CJAMM’s Board of Directors, Scott brings compassion and business leadership.  He and his wife experienced the tragic loss of a teenage son which submerged him into a lifetime of support groups.  He’s been active in the Boy Scouts of America and now chairs the boards of two other non-profits.  Scott continues as a CPA and partner with Asset Management Advisors, LLC.

Craig Stinson

Vice Chair of CJAMM’s Board

As a retired clergy with the Oklahoma Conference of the United Methodist Church, he invested his professional years in connectional ministries….connecting need with resources.  He and his dentist wife live a life of service to the community.  Craig is vice chair of CJAMM’s board and chairs the governance committee.

Alan Berryman

Chair of CJAMM’s Finance Committee


Alan retired as CFO for Prime Bank.  His career has been working with financial institutions including startups, mergers, and turnarounds.  He consults with bank leadership to have the best ROI.  He is an expert in all-things-financial including investments, endowments, financial reports, and accounting software.  Alan chairs CJAMM’s financial committee.

George Warren

CJAMM Board Member

George may be a retired minister, but he remains active with CJAMM’s New Day Camp and serves as a dean for the camp for 8–14-year-olds with incarcerated parents.  For camp, George helps with planning, staffing and volunteer training, and conducts a workshop on mediation and prayers.  George is active in community service in the greater Tahlequah area and serves as secretary for the CJAMM board.

Lew McGinnis

CJAMM Board Member

President of General Properties, he travels between multi-unit housing complexes in Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas.  Lew brings knowledge of CJAMM’s mission of working with those in addiction and incarceration as he lived it with own son.  Lew has a special passion for the physical plants of CJAMM’s Exodus Houses and brings in his service employees for repairs.

Merry McGinnis Monaco

CJAMM Board Member

A practicing attorney, Merry shares legal perspectives on CJAMM-related transitions.  She practices law with Consolidated Capital Investments.  She volunteers with several non-profits, is active in poultry shows with her young sons and has begun piano lessons.

Sean Long

CJAMM Board Member

As a Cherokee, Sean serves as the Chief Contracting Officer/Supervisory Contract Specialist for Indian Health Services over three states – Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas. He brings a unique approach to the CJAMM with years of understanding relationships, payment structures, and contracting.  In his spare time, Sean enjoys his five children, nine grandchildren, and flying his plane……something he started when he was 16 years old.

Julie Lombardi

CJAMM Board Member

As the City Attorney for the City of Owasso, Julie has exposure to all sorts of legal issues, laws, and jargon.  As a community service, she even mentors young attorneys.  Julie is also active in her church, the Owasso Methodist Church.  Her daughter is an attorney with the Walmart Inc. while her son is pursuing a PhD degree to prepare for teaching at the university level.

Michele Ireland

CJAMM Board Member

Michele is a business owner, an accountant, and actively consults with those in the oil and gas industry.  She brings a unique perspective to board member conversations as she comes from addiction for herself and her son.  Michele routinely attends Alcohol Anonymous and shares her steps to remain clean and sober.  She can be found at most every CJAMM-related function.

Matt Austin

CJAMM Board Member

Matt grew up in a small United Methodist church in Verdigris, Oklahoma. He has a degree in Religion from Oklahoma City University (2014). He accepted a job at Connect United Methodist Church in 2012, a church plant located in Edmond, Oklahoma. Matt attended seminary shortly after at Saint Paul School of Theology in Oklahoma City, where he graduated in 2018. He now co-pastors the University United Methodist Church in Tulsa.  Matt enjoys video games, spending time with his family, and he really likes Lord of the Rings. Ask him about it sometime.  He’s proud of his Cherokee heritage.

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