CJAMM Overview

The Mission of Criminal Justice and Mercy Ministries of Oklahoma, Inc. is to Break Generational Cycles of Incarceration.


Wondering what Criminal Justice and Mercy Ministries of Oklahoma, Inc. is about?

We have expanded from being a prison ministry to breaking the cycles of incarceration for the families affected by incarceration. We are still in prisons, but we are now out working beyond the walls too.

Our Exodus Houses focus on re-entry into society from prison, giving each person in the program the skills needed to not only survive the world but also to thrive in it. Our recidivism rate is 1.7%, meaning 98.3% of our program graduates did not return to prison and are living successful lives in their communities. We do this through family reunification, assisting in obtaining gainful employment, and programs based around healthy boundaries and life choices.

Our Redemption Missions saved the Oklahoma Department of Corrections and the state over $440,000 last year by offering classes such as Anger Management, AA, NA, and “Cage Your Rage.” The Redemption Missions work on not only making disciples but also equipping those in prison with a safe community environment to grow and thrive.

New Day Camp is for children with at least one incarcerated parent. This is a heartwarming experience for everyone who attends, kids and leaders. We have served over 2,000 children through camp. Swim lessons, bicycling, first aid, and coping skills are only part of the New Day Camp adventure. We offer New Day One (8-11 year olds) and New Day Two (12-14 year olds).

What’s new:

  • Wrap Around Transitional Living- In 2018 our Site Director Robin Wertz dreamed of a program that residents could go to after leaving Exodus House. Now, we partner with apartment communities in OKC and Tulsa to help residents a year after graduating the Exodus House. Discounted rent, counseling, and recovery accountability are at the top of the list of things being offered. Ten people are currently in the program. With zero returning to prison.
  • New Day Three- teenagers 15-18 come to a retreat style experience to receive guidance on the next steps of life. College, trade school, assistance with grants or FAFSA, no problem for our volunteers. Once the future becomes clearer to them, we then journey into OKC to have a night on the town to enjoy city life.

Kristen Harlin, 
Former Executive Director

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