2020 CJAMM Showcase

What people are saying about the Showcase:


“Wow!  We’re so impressed.  The showcase helped us know all about CJAMM and made us realize what a strong ministry emphasis it has!  Way to go!”
Heather Quintana, Editor, Vibrant Life

“Nothing better than helping the downtrodden. Glad we could watch. You’re doing what Jesus said is our duty to others.” Keith’s mom

“I was very touched by the ministries of CJAMM, and New Day Camps and Exodus House.  Those personal stories were amazing.” Kristye Kirk Shores, Attorney, Oklahoma City

“Did you hear me applauding?” Stella Harris, retired Tulsa, OK

“Sounds like a great thing.  I would be interested in helping an organization like this.” Susie Robb, Owner, The Tailored Look, Moore, OK

So I just clicked over to the CJAMM page and read about, since I was unaware of the existence of the organization and its purpose.  Awesome mission!  God bless you all for this much needed ministry.” Twyla Ward, Tulsa, Oklahoma

“Awesome video.” Carletta Denison, Tulsa Redemption at Centenary United Methodist Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma

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