New Day Camp Cancelled

It’s a sad day for the deans, staff, and volunteers who participate in the New Day Camp…but because of safety concerns, CJAMM has decided to cancel New Day Camp this year.

We’ve heard from some of the campers, too. They are disappointed as this is one time during the year that kids can be kids…and have a safe place to share their thoughts, feelings, concerns, and worries.

The deans are exploring some ways to keep connected with the campers…and have started making plans for next summer when it can be even bigger and better.

For those who have paid for sponsorship for a child, those funds will remain in the camp account until we can use them to sponsor a child for camp.

Thank you to all who are involved. Join us in prayers for the eradication of COVID-19 in our country so we can get back to doing our mission…helping connect love and mercy ministries to those who can benefit from them.

“Real transformation happens at camp. You may not always see it in the week, but year after year watching the same campers grow up, you see it. God transforms their lives over time in a way that can’t be replicated anywhere else. New Day Camp is a special thing at a special place.”

Paul Bussert

New Day Camp volunteer

If you have thoughts or questions, feel free to reach out at or 405-530-2015.

Keith Dobbs
Executive Director

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