“Breaking the Generational Cycles of Incarceration”

Oklahoma has the highest incarceration rate in the world...

New Day Camp Prayer Circle

New Day Camp

New Day Camp is for children
who have at least one incarcerated parent.

Exodus House Sign Tulsa, OK

Exodus House

Exodus House is a six-month temporary residential project.

Redemption Missions

Redemption mission is a fellowship of prisoners, ex-prisoners, their families, and friends of faith.


Your financial support can make a powerful impact on individuals and families affected by incarceration.

Upcoming Events

  • CJAMM Interview 11/21/19 (4:00pm)
  • CJAMM at Red Rock / Calumet 11/24/19 (12:00am)
  • CJAMM Thanksgiving Break 11/27/19 (12:00am)
  • Happy Thanksgiving 11/28/19 (12:00am)
  • CJAMM at Eddie Warrior 11/28/19 (1:00pm)
  • Staff Christmas Party- Invitation Only 12/2/19 (12:00am)

Full Calendar

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