…I was in prison and you visited me. (Matthew 25:36)

The mission of CJAMM is to break generational cycles of prison, addiction, and criminogenic behavior by nurturing healthy Christian relationships with prison inmates and their families, targeting specific reentry needs, providing care for the children of incarcerated parents, and advocacy.

New Day Camp Prayer Circle

New Day Camp

New Day Camp is for children
who have at least one incarcerated parent.
Exodus House Sign Tulsa, OK

Exodus House

Exodus House is a six-month temporary residential project.

Redemption Missions

Redemption mission is a fellowship of prisoners, ex-prisoners, their families, and friends of faith.


Your financial support can make a powerful impact on individuals and families affected by incarceration.

Reaching Up and Reaching Out

Many volunteers and CJAMM staff minister to inmates, former inmates, and their families by:

  • transporting them to churches,
  • teaching Bible classes,
  • cooking and serving meals,
  • helping clothe newly employed and recently released inmates,
  • and providing mentoring and structure as they re-enter society

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Upcoming Events

  • Easter Weekend 04/20/19 (12:00am)
  • Lakeside UMC OKC 04/21/19 (12:00am)
  • Eddie Warrior Visit 04/22/19 (12:00am)
  • CJAMM Board Meeting 04/29/19 (12:00am)
  • Exodus House Tour OKC for HS Students 04/29/19 (1:30pm)
  • Woodward UMC- CJAMM 05/5/19 (12:00am)

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